#92: Painting Pinnipeds

Painting is one of my favorite things to do with the seals. Each painting is unique and we like to figure out what different paintings look like. Check out this example of one Chacoda did that resembles a man diving. This is a video of one of Lana's recent painting sessions. The paintbrush fits into a red holder that she bites on to. I ask her to "take" the brush holder and then "paint."

Here's the finished masterpiece:

What do you think it looks like?




  1. Oh my goodness....how much begging, pleading, bribing, honest cash layouts, or possible felony charges would one have to incur get one of these masterpieces??

    Or you could maybe have copies of them made in to cards, and sell them in the giftshop for fundraising???

    Cuz I'd buy 'em, yes sirree Bob, I'd buy LOTS and LOTS of them.

    Well DONE!!!!

  2. Tammy,
    You're in luck. We sell seal paintings in the Aquarium's gift shop. Included with the paintings is a picture and bio of the seal that created the masterpiece. Hope you find one you like the next time you visit us!


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