Look who's 2!

Just days after his dad had a birthday, little Flaherty is celebrating his second birthday at the Aquarium today! He'll enjoy some extra helpings of fish in honor of the occasion, while we all ooh and ahh over how much he's grown.

The birthday boy now...

...around one years old in his, erm, pudgy stage...

...and as a newborn pup, beside his mum, Ursula.

On Monday, Flaherty's dad enjoyed a birthday feast of whole herring and squid for his special day. Isaac was born at the Seattle aquarium 14 years ago! It's hard to imagine that little Flaherty could one day grow to be as big as Isaac. That'll take a couple more years. (Here's how Isaac celebrated last year.)

Check out that hair and those whiskers! 

Of course, to Isaac and Flaherty and Ursula, birthdays feel just like every other day, filled with interaction with their trainers, plenty of time to swim and groom, rough house and, of course, snooze.

With all those youngsters splashing around all day,
it's no wonder that Isaac and Ursula need a nap now and then. 

Come check out the action in the marine mammal center! Buy your tickets online and print them at home, that's the fastest way to get in the door to see the fur seals and sea lions.


Here's how Leu celebrated July 4

We hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous July 4th holiday—no matter what day you celebrated this weekend. Here at the marine mammal center (where a roof protects the open-air exhibit from the full brunt of the elements, thank you very much, Arthur), the seals got festive with some enriching toys during their training session. Here's Leu demonstrating his flag waving skills.

You're a grand ol' seal!
Photo: Lindsay Jones

Now that you're here, come stay a while and get to know Leu!