Fitness Friday — Wave Pool

With the sea lion pups being such balls of energy, the trainers usually take them behind the scenes during training sessions. It helps both the pups and the fur seals concentrate. Well, here's an example of why we do that.

Isaac was curious about the commotion and came to check things out. The wave pool ensued, and from there you can see the sea lions were on the move. Watch as the trainers work to keep them on task. It's obvious these two are still frisky youngsters! You'll get a kick out of seeing them zip through the water, a perfect display of fitness and finesse for today's New Balance Foundation Fitness Friday post.


Fitness Friday — The fur seals will not be outdone

Last week we learned that the harbor seals can jump high out of the water, but let's not forget about the Northern fur seals! Cordova will not be outdone.

Fur seals have long front flippers, about the length of our arms, that support their weight and allow them to walk on land. Harbor seals have much shorter front flippers, about the size of our hands, that won't support their weight.

 Short harbor seal flippers (left) compared to long fur seal flippers.

The harbor seals did some impressive jumping out of the water, but there is no way they can compete on land with "Air Cordova!" in this week's video. How high can you jump off of the ground? How about out of the water? Brrrr. You might want to wait until summer to try that!


Fitness Friday — Jump if you like harbor seals!

The harbor seals at the New England Aquarium may not have the long, graceful flippers of their furry cousins in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, but they certainly can move. Watch as Trumpet and Amelia execute their version of a jump in the watery harbor seal exhibit.

If you're impressed by this marine mammal action, don't miss the rest of the New Balance Foundation Fitness Friday videos! Check out Isaac doing a flipper-stand, or see Ursula doing some good quality stretching with friends.

Photo: John Correa


Fitness Friday — Kick, Spin and Shake with Isaac

In this previous New Balance Foundation Fitness Friday post, we saw Isaac and Paul working on a few flipper stretches. Well, now the pair is taking this activity to a whole new level. Watch in this video as Isaac kicks, spins and shakes with Paul!

(Just in case your forgot, Isaac is the fur seal. He was named after the singer Chris Isaak. In fact, the two Isaac(k)s got to meet last summer!)

Isaac may be a lumbering fellow, but he and his trainer are still able to find ways to get moving. Try it yourself—kick, spin and shimmy-shake just like Isaac!


Meet and Greet a Seal at the Aquarium!

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