Catch me if you can. . .

Each seal here at the New England Aquarium has its own personality. Some are more curious than others and some seem to enjoy exploring new places.

The fur seals in the marine mammal center all have very distinct personalities.

This sense of adventure can sometimes lead to interesting situations.

Leu, a two year old juvenile Northern Fur seal, likes to play with jello, snow and his fellow juvenile Flaherty.  Here, Leu gets into his own brand of mischief when he sneaks behind the scenes…

Thankfully, Leu gave us the dive mask back after showing off his find to Sierra, one of our California sea lions.



Isaac's First Father's Day

Isaac got already got a little shout-out on the News Blog for Father's Day. This is how the trainers celebrated with the big guy at the marine mammal center.

We were all very excited to celebrate Father's day with Isaac, but no one was more excited than his son Flaherty. Being new to gift giving, Flaherty couldn't decide on what to get his old man, so we suggested a couple of things: a traditional tie and a beautiful bouquet of fresh herring.

As Flaherty anxiously watched his dad choose his favorite of the two and after careful consideration, it was obvious which gift he thought was best.

Hope all you dads had a Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there and a very special shout out to first timers like Isaac!