Party Girl: Harbor Seal Turns 39

Smoke the Atlantic harbor seal turned 39 for the first time today, but really, she doesn't look a day over 30!


Smoke is the third-oldest harbor seal in any North American aquarium or zoo, so there was good reason for Smoke and some of her many friends and fans to celebrate. There was birthday herring, complete with candles for Smoke to blow out.

Above: Volunteer Mike and mammal trainer Belinda light candles for Smoke's birthday herring.

Below: The birthday herring

Plenty of paparazzi captured the festivities.

Smoke was so tickled by her birthday celebration that she ended the party by blowing bubbles in the water.

Smoke blows bubbles, and Belinda gets in on the act.

Like just about everyone else's, Smoke's birthday is an annual tradition. Last year, she celebrated with a birthday card painted by Lana. The year before that she snarfed down a delectable fish cake.

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