Fitness Friday: Can harbor seals cut a rug?

Each Friday we try to point out some ways that our harbor seals, fur seals and sea lions stay active. They get moving in all sorts of ways, from jumping in place to practicing flipper stands to slip and sliding. This week the harbor seals are showing off a really fun way to get moving — dancing!

Because the harbor seals' exhibit is basically all viewing windows, it lets visitors of all ages get a good look at our harbor seals in action.

The next time you stop by to peek at our harbor seals on the Aquarium's plaza, see if you can find a dance partner on the other side of the glass!


Fitness Friday: Amelia does sit-ups!

Last week we saw Chacoda doing some crunches. Now it's Amelia's turn. Even the trainer is getting in on the action!

 The harbor seals at the Aquarium come from two different families — the spotted family and the non-spotted family. Chuck hails from the spotted family, these guys have distinct spots on their bellies.

Amelia is a member of the non-spotted family.

No matter their relatives, each of our harbor seals stays quite active. Happy Fitness Friday, all!


A heartfelt Valentine's greeting

Happy Valentine's Day from Zoe, Sierra and all of us here in the Marine Mammal Department.

If you haven't had a chance to see our newest California sea lions, come by for a visit and catch their latest antics! They barely stop moving so there's always something to see at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. Or watch some of their Fitness Friday videos.


Need a hand this Valentine's Day?

Our harbor seals can help with a gift for your special someone!

Visit our Gift Shop and get a one of a kind painting done by one of our harbor seals!
(Here's how it's done.)

Looking for a more interactive gift? Sign up for a Meet & Greet program where you and your guest can come behind the scenes and join us for a training session with either our Northern fur seals or Atlantic harbor seals!

Let our seals make your Valentine's Day special!


Fitness Friday – Chacoda does crunches

Chacoda, the Atlantic harbor seal, has been practicing a special skill for a while. What do you think?

It's not unusual to seals at rest in this pose. It's called the banana posture—doesn't it kinda look like a curved banana? — and Chuck has been perfecting this for a while. Now that's a lot of crunches!

Seals in the wild also demonstrate this pose as on the Aquarium's Rescue Team blog.

This wild harbor seal appears to be resting based on the banana posture of its body.


Fitness Friday — Seal Locomotion

In today's New Balance Foundation Fitness Friday post we take a look at the two different ways that our seals get around in the water. And they can certainly move it! Take a look at this video of Cordova and Reggae doing some speed swimming.

The moral of the story here is that there are lots of ways to be active. So get moving!