Chuck the harbor seal helps propose!

Not only is Chacoda a skilled voice artist, he's also pretty romantic! This week he teamed up with Lindsay to help this lovely young couple get engaged! Below are some screen shots of what happened. The Boston Globe has the full video here.

Chacoda brings the ring to the waiting groom.

The groom proposes while Lindsay displays the sign that reads "Will you marry me."


Calling all seal fans - Chacoda ringtone!

How would you like to hear a harbor seal say "hey! hey!" every time your phone rings? Well now you can. The Aquarium's youngest harbor seal, Chacoda, often makes gutteral noises. The trainers have been working with that behavior to see if Chacoda can learn to vocalize like his famous grandfather, Hoover.

Well, sounds like Chuck is getting pretty close to the sound of someone calling out "hey!" Click the play button to hear for yourself and use the links to download an MP3 for your phone.

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