Splashing into Spring

Here at the New England Aquarium the Atlantic harbor seals are ready for Spring! Reggae can barely contain his excitment for the coming warm weather. It's been a long and snowy winter! Check out Reggae's flashy speed swim. Look closely at the beginning and you can see him practically launch himself out of the water he's so excited.

In the wild, swimming fast is important to avoid predators and to move around quickly. He certainly can swim fast! Reggae also shows how quickly harbor seals can turn and maneuver in the water. 

Check out some other speed swimming seals, and speaking of launching out of the water!

Happy Spring!


Fitness Friday: Making the Leap

At the Aquarium's New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, Sierra the California sea lion has been practicing her porpoising skills, and she's getting pretty good.

Check out her moves in the video below.

See Sierra loll about in a spray of water, play in the snow (remember that stuff?) and play with a garden hose.


Fitness Friday: There's always room for ...

JELL-O! Check out Leu as he enjoys a game of catch with some solid pieces of gelatin. Stay tuned for another blog showing our sea lions joining in on the fun as well!