Fur Seal Nap: With this thick fur, any surface is comfy.

Why would I get in the water when there’s a perfectly nice spot right here? This photo shows Isaac the Northern fur seal getting some quality time snoozing on the deck on a chilly February afternoon.

 You might notice that he's tucked into a giant pear shape. Those tucked flippers indicate the seal is trying to conserve heat. Splayed flippers, particularly spreading the webbing of the hind flippers indicates a seal is trying to dissipate heat. So, changing a flipper position helps Isaac maintain a consistent core temperature.

He does this more often when he's molting in the summer.


Northern fur seals - perfectly adapted for snow

A winter full of snow storms... and we’re all set here at the Aquarium! With their thick fur coats, Northern fur seals are perfectly adapted for cold weather. Check out how the seals and their trainers faired during Winter Storm Nemo.

A thick layer of snow covering everything in sight!

Not a problem, Roxie, Ursula and Cordova did not let these frosty conditions interfere with their lunch.

Those snow drifts are bigger than 7 month old Flaherty!

Snow angels!  (those silly trainers)

Looks like the seals had fun in the snow!  How do you play in the snow? 


Singing in the Spray

As animal trainers, one of the most important things we do is build and nurture the relationships that we share with our animals. A great way to do this is through play! Not only does play allow us to build relationships, but it's also a great way to find out what our animals seem to enjoy or find reinforcing. One of the things our resident California sea lions seem to enjoy the most is any type of water play.

Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes peek at Zoe and Sierra as they enjoy playtime with a sprinkler that was set up for them by their trainers!

This isn't the first time we've featured the sea lions enjoying some fun under the spray. Watch the sea lions hosing off and having summertime fun in the water, too!


There's No Fun, Like Snow Fun!

What's one of the best things about winter? Snow days of course!

Check out how Leu, a Northern fur seal, and California sea lions, Zoe and Sierra, spend their snow days. Here's Leu's version of a snowball fight.

Press play to see Zoe and Sierra get a taste of winter.

Snow has provided enrichment for our marine mammals before. Watch Ursula romp in the snow on the deck.