Happy Hump Day from Leu

It's Wednesday, the middle of the traditional work week known as Hump Day. Sometimes it can be difficult to get over the hump. Hang on, weekend is almost here!

Leu naps on his favorite enrichment item

To get you through the day, here's a picture of Leu—our rescued fur seal—napping on his favorite enrichment item. It's a half barrel textured with brushes and hoses and floor mat material. You can also call it a hump. Enrichment toys and activities are a great way to keep our marine mammals' brains and bodies active. Of course, here it's also providing a cozy place to rest. Whatever works for you, buddy!


Happy Tuesday from Kit

We thought this picture of our Northern fur seal pup, Kit, would make your day.

A whole handful of cute

Kitovi, or Kit as we like to call her, was born here at the Aquarium last August. She's been learning a lot from her mom Ursula and still every bit as cute as her newborn pictures. While she's more petite than fellow fur seal pup Chiidax, she's certainly able to hold her own among the rough-and-tumble crowd.

Come visit the marine mammal center and see if you can spot this endearing little lady among the boisterous crew of fur seals and sea lions!