Exploring the Exhibit with Kit

Kitovi the Northern fur seal isn't even two months old yet, and she's already on the move! After her bashful public debut, some lucky visitors to the Aquarium's open-air exhibit can now see this energetic pup splashing about the public side of the marine mammal center. She spends time swimming, grooming and exploring the main exhibit with all the other seals.

When you see her next to adults (like her mum Ursula below), you can tell Kit still has a lot of growing to do. So she spends a lot of time behind the scenes with her Ursula, feeding and playing and learning how to be a fur seal. You might also catch her nursing (more on that later).

But for the lucky folks that get to Kitovi in the main exhibit, it's a real treat to see her on move. Here's a look at Kitovi in the pool, on the rocks and on the deck. You can bet Ursula is never far—what a good mom!

Kit was born in August and she's definitely made her mark in the media. Check out some of the deliciously cute pictures of her growing up!


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