#151: Seal of the Week - Cayenne

After a long hiatus, as we acclimated our fur seals to their new surroundings, we are back for seal of the week! This week we are going to highlight Cayenne.

Cayenne, often referred to as "Cay," is the youngest of our females. Her mother Trumpet gave birth to her on June 6, 1993. She has a younger brother Chacoda, born in 1995. Some physical characteristics that help define Cay are the dark spots on her belly, almond shaped eyes, and a petite frame. Typically she weighs between 130 - 150 pounds so you can often point her out because she is the smallest of our seals.

Cayenne is very attentive to the goings on in her exhibit. Whether someone is cleaning the exhibit, doing enrichment or giving a group tour, Cayenne is sure to be keeping track of all that we are doing. She has often been deemed the "watchdog" of our harbor seals.

If you happen to be walking by the exhibit, you will typically find Cay spending time in the shallow end. You may even be able to play with her. From time to time, we find that Cayenne will interact with objects or visitors on the other side of the glass that attract her attention. One day, a trainer observed her following the path of a plastic bag blowing around the plaza in the wind. Sometimes, a simple hand movement back and forth in front of the glass is enough to capture her curiosity. Check out this previous post and to see what I mean! This post has another video of glass enrichment with Cayenne. You never know what she may find interesting so if you capture her eye, give it a try!




#150: Thanksgiving with the seals

This year, Rochelle and I spent Thanksgiving at the aquarium. We had a lovely day and feasted with our 12 seals; yummm...

The menu: A juicy, succulent Herring with a side of calamari. And no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without the smelts.

By the afternoon, bellies were full and naps were taken...

But not before Reggae made us a lovely holiday painting!


-Lindsay and Ro...

and Lana, Smoke, Reggae, Amelia, Trumpet, Cayenne, Chacoda, Ursula, Cordova, JD, Baranov, and Isaac



#148: A formal introduction to Isaac the Northern fur seal

It is high time we officially introduce you to our youngest male Northern fur seal, Isaac. Isaac is 9 years old and currently weighs in at just over 200 pounds, though we expect him to nearly double in size in the next few years.

Isaac was born at the Seattle Aquarium and is named after Chris Isaak, who happened to be playing nearby at the time. When he moved out here, he traveled with a trainer by FedEx (we still have the packing slip!).

During the last few months, we have been working with Isaac to fine-tune some of his behaviors, including his head shake (so you can see his handsome hair), vocal (it sounds like a purr), and open mouth. He is doing great!



#147: Yoga with the fur seals on the news

Did you know that to stay healthy, a lot of people are doing some of the same behaviors that our fur seals do? That's right. Stop in to any local yoga studio and you will see people doing poses that look a lot like what Cordova and Ursula do on a daily basis.

Trainer Lindsay and Ursula the Northern fur seal show kids how to stretch.

The marine mammal staff has paired with Abbie Davies, founder and owner of My First Yoga, to show that everyone does the same things to stay healthy. Just check out this story that recently aired on NECN to learn a little more, then come on in and join us during one of our Fitness Friday presentations.