Recorded Friday Fur Seal Pup Hangout!

We started the weekend with this behind-the-scenes look at the newest addition to the Aquarium--Kitovi the Northern fur seal pup. She is only 2-weeks-old and she will not be on exhibit until later this fall, so this sneak peek is your first opportunity to see her up close and interact with the Aquarium's trainers.

Who's speaking?
Marine Mammal Trainer Patty Schilling was on hand with the newborn pup to give you an update on her progress and describe the behaviors you see. Patty joined a recent expedition to the fur seal colony on St. Paul Island near Alaska. Check out all of her expedition posts and watch her Aquarium lecture on the subject.

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Visit the rest of the family!
This little one might not be on exhibit yet, but after you see her in the Hangout, you can come congratulate her father, Isaac. He's the largest seal in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. Grab your tickets online and print them out before you come!

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It's a girl!

See the playful pup during a Google+ Hangout on Air back in 2013.

It's been just over a week since we shared the happy news about Ursula and Isaac's adorable pup, and we have even more exciting news to share this week: It's a girl!

That face!

All the trainers wanted to give mom and baby some space after the birth so the pair could bond and rest. After a couple days, the trainers did a closer examination on the pup and determined her sex. She's also tipping the scales at 11 pounds now! The pup continues to nurse, call and grow stronger every day in her cozy behind-the-scenes space she shares with Ursula. 

Ursula continues to be a great mom. She's eating well and teaching her little girl all about being a fur seal.

The pup does not have a name just yet. But you can bet the little one will have a name soon! Be sure to check back often to watch this little one grow.

Notice that little patch of white fur at the base of the pup's flipper—it's a sweet little birth mark!  

See Kitovi at the Marine Mammal Center with her mom, Ursula. Pick up your tickets online. You'll be watching the fur seals and sea lions splash it up in no time.

And relive the a splash the pup made online! We've been getting well-wishes from all over the world. And that cute little mug has been making the rounds online. Here a smattering of media coverage about the pup:
ABC's Good Morning America