Chiidax joins the fray

It's official. Our newest Northern fur seal pup is ticking up the energy level at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. After spending some time behind the scenes for quiet introductions to his new neighbors, Chiidax is now exploring the main exhibit. And that means lots more splashing and playing and jousting and bluffing and lots of fun to watch! (Seriously, come see! Buy your timed ticket online.)

Chiidax is a seal with a lot of spunk.

Chiidax first padded into the exhibit alongside his buddy Kit on a snowy afternoon last month. All the trainers were excited to see how he would react.

Chiidax (left) is much chunkier than Kit (right)

Since Chiidax was dropped off at a rescue facility in Alaska last year, he'd only been swimming in small indoor pools. This was the first time he'd seen such a large swimming space! Kit plunged right into the pool, but Chiidax wasn't so sure. Instead, he loped about the deck, inspecting the new sights and smells and interacting with people through the glass.

Aquarium staff member Tom Doan was one of the first to greet Chiidax through the glass

Left: Chiidax sniffs Jenny's hat (She'll be lecturing about caring for the marine mammals on May 13!)
Right: Kathy tries to entice Chiidax to explore more of the exhibit. Nope.

But since that first, cautious shimmy into the new exhibit, Chiidax has found his stride...er, his slide! Look for him jousting, romping, swimming and (sometimes) snoozing with our young fur seals—Leu, Flaherty and Kit

The marine mammal center is buzzing with the energy of these youngsters. This is some activity you just have to see to believe! Come visit the Aquarium this April school vacation and meet the fur seals and sea lions at the New England Aquarium. Buy your timed ticket online.