Fitness Friday: Leu and Flaherty Play King of the Hill

It's always more fun to get your exercise with friends than by yourself. At least our Northern fur seal pups, Leu and Flaherty, seem to feel that way. In the video below, you can see the two youngsters playing a kind of king of the hill game in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, with Flaherty on deck and Leu in the water. The two are pushing and shoving much like seals and sea lions do in the wild.

In this video, Flaherty is trying to defend the high ground of the deck. See what happens and who ends up being king of the deck.

As you can see, this jousting involves open-mouth playful grabs and lunges. You could say it's the seal version of arm wrestling and probably helps them learn how to protect themselves and their territory. You can also see who gets the last laugh—Isaac!

Leu and Flaherty play in the water and on land


Fitness Friday: Practice Makes Perfect

If you've visited the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center recently, you've seen Leu, our young rescued fur seal, porpoising through the water with fluid grace, frolicking on the rocks and sending balls zipping across the deck with a quick flick of his flipper. Leu definitely has some moves!

But Leu didn't come to the Aquarium with his fancy flipper work. As you can see in this video, Kathy is working patiently with Leu to develop those skills. And like most of us, Leu had to do a lot of practicing before he started looking like he could take the field with the Revolution.


Fitness Friday: Spectator Sport

Spectator isn't a word usually applied to our sea lions, Zoe and Sierra. These two are most often seen moving around the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center at top speed, whether they're zipping through the water, porpoising or slaloming down the ramp that leads to the behind-the-scenes area. But in the video below Zoe and Sierra prove there are lots of ways to add exercise to your day, even when you are being a spectator.