What's new with Leu?

This is the first of a series of posts we want to share about our newest addition to the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center—Leu! This pip-squeak was rescued from a beach in California earlier this year. Since he could not have survived in the wild, he's found a new home with us. While he is getting settled behind the scenes, he continues to make progress or show us something new every day. We wanted to bring you in on the fun!

Like all little ones, and some cool grown ups, Leu loves to play. He tugs on the car wash strips hanging in the background and is initiating games of fetch with some of the toys in the picture. Can you guess what his favorite toys will be?

Leu and his toys

Leu is learning to take fish from his trainer's hand. Feeding this way helps us get a good look at him. Right now, he takes each fish to the water, eats it and pops back up on deck for another.

Kathy feeding Leu

Leu's a growing boy and learning every day. Stay tuned for more installments of What's New With Leu!

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