Fitness Friday: Putting Leu on Ice

There's no question that summer has definitely arrived. Temperatures are expected to soar into the 90s this weekend! Leu, our Northern fur seal pup, can always cool off in the pool during a romp with Sierra. But that's not his only trick to beat the heat. He loves a kiddie pool full of ice cubes, too!

Leu cools off in a pool of ice cubes. Photo: Boston.com

Not only do the ice cubes provide that desired cooling effect, the textures and crunch are a lot of fun! It's just another way to provide enrichment for this growing pup. Watch how he likes to grab an ice cube and take it into the water to play. You'll notice in the video that our more mature fur seals stay cool in the shallow end, grooming and lolling about in the water.

Take a cue from our fur seals and try to keep cool during the toasty weather expected this weekend. The City of Boston also recommends that people drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. While our fur seals don't need to drink fresh water—they get all the hydration they need from the fish they eat—drinking water is an important part of staying healthy in the heat.

There are plenty of ways to escape the heat right here at the New England Aquarium! For starters, take a seat at the shade of the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center and watch the antics of Leu and our frisky sea lions. Hope to see you!

Here are a couple other ways our seals and sea lions have been able to cool down:

Ursula laying out on a block of ice
Chacoda plays with an ice toy
And of course, icy birthday cakes like Trumpet, Cayenne and Chuck's, Baranov's and Roxie's

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