#99: "Fishsicle"-- Chacoda's Ice Toy

Enrichment is a big part of what we do every day to make sure the animals are stimulated in their environment. Ice toys or"fishicles" are one of their favorites. Here's a "seal's eye view" of Chuck (Chacoda) playing with an ice toy during a "Play With the Seals" program. Our program participant is standing on the rocks above and is using the other end of the blue car wash strip to drag the toy through the water to entice Chuck though he doesn't look like he needs much enticing!

It looks like he has it all to himself too until Mom (Trumpet) comes over to check it out.

- Paul

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  1. My mom use to do the same thing for my brother and I when we were kids. Instead of fish she would freeze fruit + water. Although we never played with them in a pool, they were a great healthy treat.

    Cute video of Chacoda!


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