#122: Happy Birthday to Trumpet, Cayenne, and Chuck!

Trumpet and her two kids, Cayenne and Chuck, have birthdays within one day of each other so we decided to have a group celebration this weekend. Cayenne turns 16 tomorrow, Trumpet turns 24 on Sunday, and Chuck is 14 years old Monday! We celebrated with a birthday cake, but instead of having one made out of ice cream, their cake was made out of capelin and squid. Yum! Of course, we had to take some birthday pictures.

Happy Birthday!



  1. Everything about the second picture is adorable! The cake is so creative.

    Happy Birthday Trumpet, Cayenne and Chuck!

  2. PinnipedObsessionJune 5, 2009 at 7:48 PM

    I thought chuck was turning 14?? Hmmm... Love the cake and the seals can't wait to visit them

  3. PinnipedObsession - you are correct about Chuck's age. It was a typo on my part!


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