#124: Froggy Wanna Fly?

No, this little guy hasn't sprouted wings; I'm referring to his diet of fruit flies. Dart frogs are carnivores, eating mainly small insects. In the video, a curved-tip syringe delivers a few flies at a time. Since he was eating well from the syringe, I tried to use it as a target to move him around his habitat. The plan was to lead him into a small container or my hand for a better look at him by visitors, biologists or vets.

Alas, unless food was marching from the syringe, he ignored it and occasionally startled if he didn't realize it was next to him. One day while pondering our lack of progress, I watched him eat some fruit flies that wandered around his habitat. As soon as a fly moved, it caught the frog's attention and he locked in. Aha! Perhaps moving or gently shaking the target would be the key.

This video shows the shift from statuesque to frequent following frog:

~ Jenny


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