Kitovi and Chiidax have a snow day

With fur as thick as a Northern fur seal, near-zero temperatures and snow storms pose no problem for the Northern fur seals at the New England Aquarium. In fact, they can be quite fun.

Kitovi and Chiidax, our newest additions to the Aquarium's Northern fur seal colony, are currently behind the scenes, but this did not stop these two 6 month old seals from enjoying their very own snow day! While humans everywhere stayed home to brave the storm, these two babies, especially Chiidax, discovered how much fun piles of frosty flakes can be.


Chiidax, a rescued Northern fur seal from Alaska, has grown quite a bit since arriving at the Aquarium a couple months ago—you can hardly recognize him!

Kitovi and Chiidax
Watch how Kitovi and Chiidax play in the snow.  At first they don’t quite know what to make of the giant pile of snow, but they quickly figure out that it’s fun new toy.

Kitovi and Chiidax are not the only seals to enjoy a good snowy romp, check out some of the antics of Leu and Ursula.

Stay warm everyone!



  1. What are the age of these two cute pups?

    1. Good question. Kitovi was born in August, and Chiidax is approximately the same age. So they're around 6-months old now!


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