Olympic dreams

Many of us find ourselves glued to the events in Sochi right now. It's inspiring to see lithe athletes in their prime, pushing the limits of artistry and gravity. After all, Fitness Friday is a highlight of our week here at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. So with the Olympics on our minds, it's not hard to imagine the seals and sea lions in similar acrobatic endeavors.

Zoe practices skeleton

The sea lions and fur seals have lots of toys available to them for enrichment purposes. Sometimes we put jello in these big dishes, sometimes a sea lion squeezes herself into one. We thought Zoe looked like a skeleton slider (minus the icy track and break-neck speeds)!

Leu finds a missing Olympic ring

Meanwhile, Leu, our rescued Northern fur seal, found a missing Olympic ring. He found it a nice place for a mid-play nap.

Come visit these animals when they're up to their Olympic antics in the main exhibit! Whether it's snowy or sunny, these animals are right at home in the marine mammal center. Get front row seats to watch these clever marine animals slide, splash and interact with their trainers. (Psst...save time and buy your tickets online!)

Find out other ways our seals and sea lions stay active (and rested):
The fur seal pups—Kit and Chiidax—have fun on a snow day

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