Chris Isaak meets fur seal Isaac

Way back in 2000, musician Chris Isaak was playing a show in Seattle. That same night a male Northern fur seal pup was born at the nearby Seattle Aquarium. Since it was the night of Isaak's concert, the pup was named Isaac. Today, Isaac lives at the New England Aquarium, in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center.

Isaak did not know that a seal was named after him. Today, 11 years later, he was invited to meet Isaac the seal at the New England Aquarium.

Here's a video showing Isaac the seal meeting his famous namesake. After the training session Isaak was kind enough to sign autographs for some fans.

Chris Isaak is in Massachusetts playing shows at the Lowell Summer Music Series and the Cape Cod Melody Tent, but he had some time today to see the sights. We were happy he could make it to one of the Aquarium's daily fur seal training sessions.

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