#88: Exhibit Makeover Update 3

Our last exhibit construction update was on November 21, 2008 when the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center (MMC) looked like this:

It is now two months later, Kathy's elbow sports the same jacket and we have climbed to the roof of the aquarium for a "bird's eye view" :

The circular area is the shallow addition. Young seals spend time romping around in the shallows, and even the old timers may enjoy lolling around here.

This view includes the deeper section of the exhibit and the outline of a visitor path on the right:

Here we are looking north. The roof covers a behind the scenes are for the animals, a kitchen to prepare food for the seals and a place to store wet suits, dry clothes and trainers:

I'll post another update in a month or two. For now, we want to give a big shout out to the construction crew who keep smiling despite the bone chilling cold of the last few weeks. While it's possible that their faces have permanently frozen in that position, we'll just keep thinking they're looking forward to the day when animals, visitors and staff are enjoying the new exhibit.




  1. Thanks Jenny. Hey, I work here and I don't get to see what's going on back there! Love the aerial shots. Elbow notwithstanding.

  2. Love the pictures
    Are they going to build seats there and if so were ?


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