#89: Toothbrushing 102: The Rotary Toothbrush

The harbor seals have been comfortable getting their teeth brushed with a manual toothbrush for some time, so now we're introducing a rotary toothbrush. This battery-operated toothbrush has a smaller head that quickly rotates in circles. We share a couple of brush bases, but as you see in the picture, everyone has their own brush head. The letters on the heads tell us whose toothbrush it is. For example, "CA" stands for Cayenne.

Having a toothbrush that moves on it's own takes some getting used to. We took it slow, but as you can see from the picture above, 6 of the 7 seals are using the rotary toothbrush for some or all of their toothbrushing. Here is a video of Cayenne getting her teeth brushed with the rotary toothbrush - if you listen carefully you can even hear the sound of the toothbrush.



  1. This is soooo cool! I got a rotary brush my ownself last Christmas, and I love it, but it DOES tickle! :o)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wondering how u made the holder for the brushes?

    1. We ordered this clever contraption online. It's a wall-mounted unit designed to hold training accessories, which we've repurposed for holding the toothbrush heads. Thanks for reading our blogs! Hope you can come visit the seals and sea lions sometime soon.


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