#84: Cold Tsunami

Sunday January 11th was another wintry day in New England. We accumulated a couple of inches of snow overnight, but it was still business as usual at the New England Aquarium. I had our teen intern Katie filming one of our training sessions to help me track Lana's progress on a new behavior (stay tuned for that) and this is what she caught.

What you don't see in the video is that Lindsay is to my right. Reggae startled and sent a wave of tsunami-like proportions upon us and got Lindsay even worse than me. When I looked up Lindsay was dripping from head to toe ... soaked!

Getting wet is all part of the job for a marine mammal trainer (check out this previous post from warmer times), it's just a little less enjoyable when the temperature is in the teens and it's snowing out. At least we can laugh at ourselves.


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