#42: Baranov's Trip Home

Baranov on one of his favorite resting spots @ NEAq; a bridge that is about half as wide as he is

Baranov stayed with us in Boston for the past two months. We loved having him here, but like all good vacations, this one came to an end. Baranov's main training goal while he was here was kenneling, or going into his transport carrier on a signal. The day of the big move he kenneled without a hitch.

He was then transferred to a large air conditioned truck and surrounded by lots and lots of ice. We prefer our fur seals on the rocks, not shaken or stirred.

He remained comfortable during the two hour commute, but Cheryl and Patty who rode with him arrived in Connecticut with hands as cold as icicles. Once at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration he gladly followed Erin, one of his trainers, down into the exhibit and was greeted by Zhivago, another male northern fur seal.

It was a really smooth move and we're happy that Baranov has settled in so nicely.

We'll miss him!


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