#46: Fur Seal Update 3- Meeting the NYAq Trainers

So, it hasn't been all fun and games down here. (Well that's a lie - with a job like this it's always fun). But seriously, while we have been getting the girls acclimated, we have also been introducing them to the trainers at the New York Aquarium (NYAq).

Since the fur seals will be in New York for about 1 year while their exhibit is under construction, the trainers at the NYAq will need to know everything about them. So during every training session, the trainers at NYAq accompany us, get to know the girls and learn their behaviors. Here you can see Belinda introducing Jaclyn to Ursula.

We are happy to say that this last week has been great and we are really happy with how the girls have settled in. Now that we spent some time in NY, it's time to see what has been going on back in Boston. See you there.

- Erin



  1. I bet it's hard on the seals AND their trainers to have to deal with this!!! Will you get to go visit them during the year?

    Thanks for the updates!

  2. Your welcome Tammy!

    We have found that the seals adapt very well, but just to be sure, we did stay with them for a week to help. The girls did really well and to be honest with you - it only seemed hard on the trainers! We will definitely be able to go and visit and I am excited to see them once they have really settled in.


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