#44: Fur Seal Update 1 - We Have Arrived!

We are really happy to say that our three female Northern fur seals arrived safely at the New York Aquarium. All three went right into the water, have been eating well and been participating nicely in training sessions since then. Belinda, Rochelle and I stayed with they for a bit to help the seals acclimate to their new environment and trainers. So while I am happy to make this announcement to everyone in Boston, Cordova has been announcing their arrival to everyone in Brooklyn. Just listen to her:

Stay tuned for more updates.




  1. She sounds like the king of the ... aquarium.

  2. She is CLEARLY a Diva, and is making sure everyone knows it. Rock ON, Cordova!!!!

    I am enjoying all the pictures, videos, and updates SO Much! Thank you!


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