#41: New York Here We Come!

Very soon we will be on the road to the New York Aquarium (NYAq). Before that happens, I wanted to give you an idea of what is really involved with moving the fur seals. I think you will be surprised to find it is very similar to how human beings travel.

So, while Belinda does some homework on our destination, I will tell you what we need before we go:

  • Travel Papers. Similar to how we need passports to travel, we need to get government documents stating that the fur seals can travel from one aquarium to another.

    • Insurance. Just like you (or your parents) carry medical insurance cards in case you have to see the doctor while you are gone, we have sent all of the fur seals' medical information to NYAq. That way the veterinary staff will know their history (like your doctor does) and can take the best possible care of them while they are there.
    • Travel Books. Some people like to bring travel books so that they can learn about their destination. What to see, where to eat, and what historical sites to see. The fur seals will also be traveling with books, but these books are for the trainers at the NYAq. They will help the trainers learn about these specific fur seals--what they know, what they eat, what they have done in the past

  • Transportation. How are you going to get there? When you are traveling, you want to get to your final destination as quickly as possible, but you also want to be practical. Lets face it, you are going to have some luggage. So if you are traveling nearby, you drive; if traveling far away, you fly. Same thing for fur seals. Since we are only going a few hours away, we will be driving down. But we will not be taking the family minivan - we have a truck. A big one. It's nice.

  • Luggage. What do you need to make your trip enjoyable? Our girls are packing the following: ice, ice, ice, and...oh yeah...ice. They like to travel cold. Brrr! They are also packing a few things which will help the trainers know more about them.
  • Travel Buddies. While you may travel by yourself, our fur seals do not. In addition to the three fur seals, there are seven people taking the trip. While each one has a specific role to play, everyone will be working to make sure the seals have a safe transport and a smooth transition to their new home.

  • Security. No trip is complete without the security check. Cordova, you are good to go!

So I think we are set. See you in New York!!



  1. Erin, LOVE this blog! Such a cool job you have chosen in life - praying for safe transport for all the fur seals and their trainers!!!!

  2. Yeah. Keep those flippers cold. What are their favorite toys to keep with them?

  3. Oh, this should be a fun trip!!!!!

  4. And I thought I was a high maintenance traveler!!! heehee :-) But, it should be only the best for those precious creatures!!! I am loving these updates Erin!!!

    ~Kristen :-)

  5. Absolutely! Keep them coming ... I want to see a seal going through customs or something.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. We did pack a few of their favorite toys with them, including a boomer ball, some car wash strips and some rubber chew toys. Stay tuned for more updates.


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