#39: Behind the Scenes

The marine mammals have space adjacent to their exhibit where they can warm up, cool down, sleep or just chill.

Since our visitors rarely have a chance to see these "behind the scenes" areas, here are a few candid shots. Today's focus is on fur seals since they'll be relocating soon while we make some exciting improvements to the exhibit.

Cordova is the first one awake this morning. Make that half awake.

What a yawn! The sound that comes out of Cordova's mouth is big too.

Cordova (left) and her mom Chainsaw dry and fuzzy. "Lights on" came a little too early for them today.

Patty chatting with Chainsaw before she begins the morning cleaning. It takes an hour in the morning to clean up what the fur seals leave behind over night. If you look closely at the first picture of Cordova, you'll see a pile of squid quills and beaks. These aren't nutritious and the fur seals have an interesting way of getting rid of them. They cough them up much like a cat with a hairball.

Just another day in the glamorous life of a marine mammal trainer!
Bon Appetite,



  1. It looks like a seal flophouse!

  2. she looks angry in the top photo

    when do seals wake up anyway

  3. I just have to know - how did Chainsaw get her name???


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