Snow Can Be Fun!

As parts of the East Coast brace for a crippling blizzard, it's fun to distract ourselves by thinking about fun to be had wading in a big pile of snow. Recently the trainers scooped up the white stuff and provided a bit of frosty enrichment for the seals and sea lions in the marine mammal center.

Take a look!


The Northern fur seals are perfectly adapted to life in the snow. Their wild habitat ranges from Northern California and up through the chilly climes of Alaska. That thick fur coat that keeps them warm! The California sea lions rely on a layer of blubber to keep them warm.

Even with their cozy cushion, the sea lions were reluctant to romp in the snow this time. But you can always count on the young'uns to have the most fun in the snow. Chiidax and Kitovi were definitely having blast!

Nothing like burying your face in the snow

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