Birthday Seal-ebration!

Most Atlantic harbor seals are born in May and June. At the New England Aquarium, the trainers like to help the seals celebrate the o-fish-al birthday season. These special occasions only come around once a year so it’s a big celebration for our six Atlantic harbor seals!

An ice toy layer cake for Reggae!

You may think we celebrate in a slightly unconventional way, but for seals, it’s a party! In lieu of birthday cake and icing, we concoct tasty fish surprises for our aquatic mammals.

Heart shaped ice toy surprise for Trumpet!
This year we chose a different way to celebrate for each Harbor seal. Check out some of the ways we celebrated.

Happy Birthday everyone!!



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  1. Thank you for posting this. My daughter's birthday is on 7/9, so I know she will enjoy seeing how the seal's celebrate their birthdays!


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