Happy 30th Lana!

We recently celebrated an exciting day at New England Aquarium -- one that is cause for much celebration...it was Lana (the Atlantic harbor seal)'s 30th birthday! To celebrate this occasion we gave her a one of a kind birthday "fish cake," made specially by two of our volunteers, Marie and Marissa.

Fish cake for the birthday girl!

Our seals normally get hand fed a few fish at a time, so imagine Lana's excitement when I set down this platter of fish and let her dig in!

Happy Birthday, Lana!!

Birthdays are a big deal for our harbor seal families. Look back at one of Lana's previous birthday celebrations, and see how she helped others celebrate birthdays, too.

Even when they're not celebrating birthdays, our harbor seals get lots of attention and stimulation from their trainers. We'd love it if you wanted to join us for a free training session one of these days. Get to know our family of harbor seals in their exhibit on the front plaza at the Aquarium!

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