Take a dip with a seal!

These baking hot summer days call for a dip in some refreshing, cool water. Well, what if we said you could take a tip in a seal's pool at the New England Aquarium, and meet a seal face to face?

Take a look, you'll see what we're talking about.


The Take a Dip with the Seals program is a terrific way to interact with these popular and friendly animals. Kneel in the shallows of the marine mammal center and get to know one of the fur seals, some of the rarest marine mammals found in North American zoos and aquariums. Or you can choose to get to know a harbor seal in their own exhibit on the front plaza. Now there's an opportunity that you'll high-five your friends about!

Some visitors may get to high-five a harbor seal! 

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  1. This is a wonderful experience and one you will never forget. The trainers do a great job of making it both fun and informative.


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