Welcome Back Fur Seals

Water is filling the fur seal exhibit as I write this. After the better part of six months the exhibit repairs are complete and plans are in motion to bring the fur seals back to New England Aquarium this week!

Baranov, Roxie and JD have remained on site in an area off of the main exhibit. Without the other three seals here keeping Baranov on his toes, it looks like he's been on a steady diet of junk food. In other words, he is huge! Actually, his diet has been the same, herring, capelin and squid, he's just wanted a lot more of it.

This is the time of year when male seals and sea lions put on a lot of weight so they don't have to waste precious energy finding fish during mating season. I understand that Isaac is looking more hefty and mature than when he left in October. We can't wait for Isaac, Cordova and Ursula to rejoin the group and get reacquainted with our visitors!


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  1. I think that this is a good thing! Get humans educated in conserving our animal friends as gifts instead of articles of future clothing or to be experimented on.


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