Friday Morning with the Fur Seals

At the Fur Seal Exhibit, the morning routine is fast paced for the training staff. Between 8:00 and 9:30 am we: Prepare 150 pounds of fish and squid for the seals, collect exhibit water samples for analysis, start the laundry, get dive gear ready, start hosing the seal poop from the exhibit deck, SCUBA dive to scrub the exhibit floor, and start the vacuum for yet more seal poop. Phew.

The fur seals have, shall we say, a more relaxed routine. Everyone starts waking up around 8:00 am. Some take until 10:30 to complete this task. Others jump up to greet the day and are ready for conversation. These pictures show Roxie relaxing in the sun and Taz looking like she wants at least another hour to snooze.



This video below shows Ursula resting while making a rarely heard clicking sound.

Roxie is up and has a lot to say in this video. To me, her first vocalization sounds like a honk while the third and fifth sound like she is saying "Hey". I guess we'll never know.

Finally, Erin helps JD wake up with an invigorating neck scratch.

- Jenny

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