What does hidden fish in an ice pile spell? FUN!

Well, if you're a Northern fur seal that is!

Roxie and Taz had a lot of fun behind the scenes before moving to the exhibit. (Learn more about their debut on exhibit from this earlier post, and there's video here!) Here is a clip from us doing a little ice pile play time. After half an hour, Taz decided that she needed to groom but Roxie was still plowing through the ice. To make it more interesting, a few pieces of smelt are hidden in the ice. Since both girls are visually impaired, it's very interesting to see how they react to different kinds of play time. This one was a big hit!




  1. My wife and I visited today only hoping to catch a glimpse of the two new fur seals, but they're still in the behind the scenes area. When are they going to be put out in the New Balance exhibit with the others? Do the mother/pup pair get along with each other?

  2. Hi Justin-
    Roxie and Taz were introduced to the main exhibit on July 2nd, so they may have been behind the scenes just for the training session. If you don't see them during a presentation, stick around and ask one of the trainers where they are - most likely, they're behind the scenes for their own training sessions.

    Roxie and Ursula seem to be very comfortable with each other. Check out the previous post about their debut and the interesting pup calls from Ursula.

    Thank you for reading the blog and definitely come back soon for a visit!



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