#14: Seal Diets

What do the seals eat? It is a great question and one that gets asked a lot. At the NEAq, all of our seals are offered a combination of three foods, pictured above: herring (top), capelin (middle), and squid (bottom). Our fur seals eat mostly squid, with a little herring and capelin, while our harbor seals are the opposite; they eat mostly herring and capelin with a little squid. Regardless of their preferences, it takes a lot of food to keep our seals healthy. We are currently thawing approximately 80 lbs. of food every day!




  1. Oh my gosh thats gross.
    are the eyes in teh fish and evryting?

  2. 80 pounds a day!
    how much does each seal eat?

  3. What would happen if you fed them frozen stuff. Can they bite through it or do they wait for it to thaw?

    Ever feed live things?


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