#112: The Queen's Wave

After Smoke and I mastered her invertedbottle, I had to find a new behavior to train. It turned out that she was the only harbor seal at the Aquarium that didn't know how to wave. Not anymore! To get her waving I first had to get her to lift and lower her flipper. Over time we worked on increasing the number of waves and the speed of them. Here's the video:

Notice that I started off by rolling her over onto her side before she started waving. Soon, the act of rolling over became her cue to wave which was not my desired signal. Right now I'm working on getting her to wave by just saying the word "wave". Watch this video to see some of the steps we took to get Smokey waving like the queen she is.



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  1. That is adorable. I thought she would know/learn this behavior by mimicking you so it's interesting to see how her learning process is going. Good job!


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