#110: What's the point of training a fish?

Someone asked this question after watching one of Blondie's videos and I thought that this video may help explain. As with our seals, training can make medical tests easier to do. In this video, Blondie is getting a routine skin scrape. Dr. Keiko Hirokawa, our vet, takes a microscope slide and lightly scrapes Blondie's side to check for parasites. Since I had trained Blondie to sit in my hand, this was a piece of cake!

See how relaxed she is staying the whole time she is in my hand. She got tons of reinforcement for doing such a great job. Results of the scrape: This little fish is happily parasite free.


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  1. You're doing a wonderful job with Blondie! She has a lot of trust in you.. keep up the great work! It's quite refreshing :)


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