#29: Seal Origins

A lot of people ask us, "how did you get your seals?" This is a great question and allows us to tell the stories and backgrounds of our animals here. Five of the seven harbor seals were born here at the aquarium; Amelia and Trumpet were born in 1985, Reggae and Cayenne in 1993, and Chacoda in 1995. Smoke and Lana came in as stranded pups from the coast of Maine in 1971 and 1982 respectively.

Most seals are nursed back to health and released. Sometimes stranded seals have medical issues, such as chronic ear infections, that would reduce their chance of survival after release. Others become too accustomed to people and can get in trouble by approaching people or their pets.

Three of the fur seals, Cordova, Ursula and Baranov were born at other aquariums. Chainsaw was found stranded as a pup off the coast of Washington.

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  1. you should do one post per seal telling their whole story :)

  2. Lindsay, I got to touch Ursula!! But really , how can I contact you and other trainers? I am obsessed with seals and visited the aquarium recently and did 'Seal Trainer for an Afternoon'. Thanks.

  3. Great to hear from you pinniped!
    Many of the trainers have profiles that you can see by clicking on their signatures. Here's Lindsay's:

    You can keep in touch with Lindsay and the other trainers by commenting on the blog.

    Did you have fun as a trainer for an afternoon?

  4. Yes, I really did. Any thank you.

  5. Do they have baby pictures of those seals because they need to be posted.


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