#28: Swimming With Seals

There is no doubt that marine mammals are adorable. They look so sweet and gentle; you just want to run up and give them a little squeeze. After all, what's the harm in walking up to a seal on the beach, or tossing a fish to a sea lion in the ocean? How about letting the dog play with one of them-they are playful, curious creatures, right? A lot of people are surprised to hear that it is dangerous for us and our pets to approach a wild seal. These animals have very sharp, bacteria covered teeth. Seals will bite if they are frightened, surrounded, cornered or sick. Seals can carry many different diseases such as rabies, that can be transferred to other mammals. More people are shocked when they hear that it is illegal in the US to come within 150 feet of a wild marine mammal, as stated in the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Harassing, feeding, touching, even swimming with wild seals puts THEM in danger. Observing these amazing creatures is an awesome experience, just be sure to do it from a distance.

If you see a seal that is injured or in distress, keep people and dogs away, then call your local aquarium. For more information about seal rescue, check out the Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue Program.




  1. Great advice! We see them all the time where we are and a lot of tourists want to load them into their trucks or push them into the water. Craziness!


  2. How can a seal get rabies? Is that something that can happen naturally?

  3. are all of those seals stranded????

  4. Yeah, they sure are so adorable that I'd love to squeeze one, but I think I'll make a toy of one or buy a toy and squeeze that instead in order to avoid being bitten.

    But, man, are seals CUTE!


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