#24: Baranov and Cordova

As we welcomed our newest addition, Baranov, to the northern fur seal exhibit, the size difference between male and female fur seals became VERY obvious. Male fur seals can reach a top weight of 600 pounds while females only weigh a maximum of 120. Check out the video to see the size difference for yourself. Baranov and Cordova have the same father so they are half siblings and the two seals are almost the same age. They certainly don't look like it!

Male fur seals have a thick layer of blubber underneath their skin. During the breeding season the males establish a territory on land so that they can attract females for breeding. Like the females, male fur seals rely on their thick coat of fur to stay warm. Unlike female fur seals, the males have thick blubber as a means of protection when other males challenge them for land space. The blubber also serves as a food source for the males when they are protecting their territory and are unable to go to the ocean to find food.




  1. I think he's really handsome :) he look ssmart

  2. I luv Barry! He's my new favrit. Show us more :)

  3. Go Baranov! I can't wait to come and see you do some tricks!


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