Keeping things clean and comfy

So you want to be a marine mammal trainer? Indeed, it's an amazing privilege to interact with these clever, powerful and, yes, adorable animals. But it's not always seal smooches and high-fives. It takes a lot of work to keep the animals healthy, comfortable and clean.

And that job falls on the marine mammal trainers and volunteers!

Kim vacuums the bottom of the exhibit

Just like dog owners have to pick up after their dogs when they go the bathroom, the marine mammal trainers spend a lot of time cleaning up after the animals. That means balancing on rocks in the middle of the exhibit vacuuming the pool on a snowy day in Boston, like Kim here. The trainers also hose off the deck where the animals rest frequently. You might even see the trainers scuba dive with scrub brushes—even in the middle of winter!

But a healthy and clean exhibit makes for healthy and happy animals—so it's all worth it. The next time you visit to watch the frisky young fur seals racing through the water, take note of the trainer or volunteer quietly going about their business with a hose or vacuum. The trainers work hard maintaining the exhibit for the enjoyment of the animals and visitors alike!

Resting fur seals enjoying their clean and comfy exhibit

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