Fitness Friday: Will Jump for Fish

Zoe's mischievous tendencies can often be channeled toward impressive acrobatic skills. All it takes is one of our experienced trainers, some patience and a lot of fish! Watch how Kathy guides Zoe to higher and higher jumps, with some breaks for fish treats along the way. (This type of training through approximations is known as shaping.)

Zoe eats a lot of squid, capelin and herring. Try about 5,000 calories a day! After all, when she's performing these kinds of acrobatic skills, you bet she needs a lot of energy.

Zoe shows off her jumping skills during a recent training session.

Zoe's pal, Sierra, has mastered some impressive skills of her own, too. Check out her spin moves here. And stay tuned to see what kind of air Sierra can get in the water!

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