St. Patrick's Day Enrichment

The rescued sea lions at the Aquarium are a curious and energetic pair. So the trainers are always finding new ways to engage and stimulate Zoe and Sierra. When St. Patrick's day rolled around, they found the perfect activity: fun with green-shamrock-shaped jello! 

The jello was made by our stellar volunteers out of plain gelatin and a plant-based food supplement called spirulina (people eat this, too). Of course we don't know if the sea lions liked the flavor, but they did show lots of interest in this activity! Here's a look at the fun.

Patty slapped some of the shamrock-shaped gelatin pieces
on to the glass wall for the sea lions to find.
Visitors and fur seals alike were curious about the activity.
But the fur seals were decidedly "meh" about the jello.
The sea lions, however, got right in there to explore!
There was lots of sniffing and chewing and tossing and biting of the gelatin.
And visitors had front row seats on the fun!

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