What's a Flurkey, you ask?

There are many traditions that go along with Thanksgiving. Some people have specific dishes they prepare each year, and others have specific activities or travel destinations. Last Thanksgiving, the seals received a fish feast!

The 2012 Thanksgiving feast—what's in store this year?

I’m sure many of you remember hand turkeys—tracing your own hand and coloring in the fingers. Hopefully more than a few of you made your own this year—everyone in the mammals department sure did! (Check back this Thursday to see a picture of all the hand turkeys the trainers and volunteers made!).

Here in the mammals department, we put a unique fishy spin on the idea: Flurkeys! Atlantic harbor seals do not have hands, but they have flippers! With the help from one of the trainers and some non-toxic water-based paint, Reggae, an Atlantic harbor seal here at NEAQ, made his own Flipper-Turkey: a FLURKEY!

 See how his flurkey measures up to a hand turkey.

Thanksgiving is also a time to remember everything we are thankful for. We are thankful for our amazing animals and for all of our visitors (first timers and returnees) who we get to share the aquarium experience with everyday.  Thank you!!!

 Happy Flurkey Day everyone! Eat lots and have a wonderful day.

The infinitely adorable Kit

— Marie

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