Fitness Friday: Marathon High Fives!

The Boston Marathon is right around the corner, and the Aquarium's marathon team is gearing up for race day. Besides five months of training runs, there's another key skill needed to survive the 26.2 mile chute to Copley Square—high fives! Thousands of spectators turn out on the race course and that's a lot of hands to slap.

Fortunately Reggae the harbor seal is happy to help sisters Jocelyn and Justine Lescarbeau train for this. Watch Reggae as he leaps out of the water to give each sister a high five. (You might remember this sporty seal from his speed swim a while back...)

Reggae's high five is just one of the skills that he's learned while working with the trainers. These exercises help him stay fit physically and mentally.

The Aquarium's harbor seals are quite athletic, watch this guy spring out of the water!

Don't miss last year's marathon post with video of how harbor seals and fur seals get around. Hooray, runners!

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