Fitness Friday: Who's Tougher?

What happens when a group of Aquarium staff members challenges the fur seals to various races and tests of endurance? You get a Fitness Friday rumble! The Aquarium staff members and friends are in training for a competition called Tough Mudder, which is a test of strength, determination, endurance and teamwork. They're blogging about training for the race and also raising funds for the Aquarium here. And they were feeling so good about their toughness that they decided to go up against the fur seals to tests themselves.

So what happened when Chris, an aquarist who works with jellies, went up against Isaac the fur seal in a swimming race? Watch the result in the video below.

Even though Isaac gave Chris a head start, he left Chris sputtering in his wake. Fur seals are definitely at home in the water, and definitely athletic. Check out this video of Ursula if you're not convinced!

Aquarium staff and supporters are participating in an extreme obstacle course event called the Tough Mudder this weekend. They have been posting about their training methods and animals that inspire them to work hard here. They are also raising funds to support the Aquarium. You can help them out by donating to support their efforts.

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  1. Nice try Chris!I'm sure you'll do great against your human competitors!


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